Business Account Rewards

  • Saves time you time and money
  • Track your employee expenses and cash flow
  • Helps you manage your team and ensure a clean fleet
  • An enhanced and clean image translates to more sales

Cancel or adjust your fleet membership program at any time – no questions asked.

Better Control and a Clean Fleet!

Why Choose UWashApp?

  • Streamline your business
  • Manage your expenses
  • Use for your business write-offs
  • Download and send your expenses for accounting
  • Add and remove users with ease 
  • Advertise YOUR business in the app!

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Enter your information in the form and you’ll receive a text invitation. From there, provide your payment, and start adding your team!

Star Rewards

  • Buy 10 Washes, Get 1 Free!
  • Save money with free washes and vacuum services
  • Earn stars with wash purchases
  • Invite-a-Friend and get free washes

Rewards save you money! Clean cars run better!

UWashApp Invite-a-Friend Perks

  • Get a free wash when you invite a friend to UWashApp
  • Help your friend save money!

Beats washing their car for them in the driveway!

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